Accomplishments of Maine INBRE

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Improving Competitiveness

Maine ranks 38th in the nation for grants awarded by the National Institutes of Health. INBRE is helping to improve that statistic and ensure that Maine scientists become more competitive in their quest for federal research grants. Two key indicators of the improving productivity and competitiveness of Maine scientists are the number of publications accepted by peer-reviewed scientific journals and the number of successful grant applications.

In the last two decades:

  1. The number of accepted publications submitted by INBRE-funded scientists nearly tripled;
  2. The number of published papers with undergraduate authors increased five-fold;
  3. One-third of INBRE-funded scientists “graduated” from the program with their own independent research grants;
  4. $106 million in additional grants were awarded in Maine as a result of INBRE funded research.

Publications on Maine INBRE Research

Published Research Articles

Creating an Innovation Economy in Maine

Over the last two decades, the INBRE program has:

  1. Provided Maine with $87 million in direct research and training funding;
  2. Created and sustained over 100 jobs in Maine’s research and educational sectors;
  3. Created an outstanding model for public-private partnerships;
  4. Provided an important catalyst for spurring research and innovation throughout Maine;
  5. Together with other Maine IDeA programs, allowed Maine research and educational institutions to successfully compete for more than 1,900 federal research grants, bringing tens of millions of dollars into our state.

Creating a Technically Skilled Workforce

Since 2001, over 2,400 Maine students received hands-on biomedical research training through the INBRE program. In addition to teaching specialized research techniques, INBRE training also encourages students to ask thoughtful questions, think critically, develop meticulous attention to detail, and generate good problem-solving skills—valuable assets to any employer.

Careful tracking of students participating in the INBRE program shows a:

  • 65% increase in the number of science majors at participating colleges over the past 5 years.

Of all students who have participated in the INBRE program and obtained their bachelor’s degrees:

  • 90% are pursuing higher education or careers in health-related fields
  • 21% are pursuing advanced degrees/careers in Maine