The University of Maine at Farmington

The University of Maine at FarmingtonThe University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) offers 2,000 students (over 50% first generation college students) 34 baccalaureate programs in the arts, sciences, education, and human services. UMF’s approach to education is based on the belief that students must have opportunities to form meaningful relationships with inspiring teachers (student to faculty ratio is 16:1).

UMF’s goal is to produce liberally educated citizens who are creative problem solvers and have learned how to learn and how to work on complex challenges with people from diverse backgrounds and fields. UMF values innovation and research as they contribute to excellence in teaching and learning; UMF supports faculty, staff, and students in their scholarly and creative endeavors, and takes pride in being an intellectual and cultural center for western Maine.

INBRE funding at UMF is improving laboratory instrumentation and curriculum, and providing critical network resources and connections. Faculty are in the process of restructuring laboratory curriculum in Biochemisty, Genetics, and Instrumental Analysis to incorporate use of new equipment and research supplies purchased through the INBRE program, and will be hiring a new faculty member with molecular biology expertise.

Students have the opportunity to participate in laboratory training in molecular biology and summer research internships. Participants not only gain necessary research skills, but make important professional contacts that help them grow and develop as scientists. Research skills and mentoring provided through INBRE-related activities are enhancing UMF students’ success.

Summer Research Fellowships

The INBRE Summer Research Fellowships Program pairs individual students with a federally-funded biomedical researcher of the student’s choice for a 10-week hands-on summer research experience. Funding is provided for lodging, food, and supplies.

Two Summer Research Fellowships are awarded annually to UMF students to work with a faculty member at an INBRE-network institution.

Laboratory Training Course at the MDI Biological Laboratory

Each year, UMF students have the opportunity to participate in a two-week laboratory course at the MDI Biological Laboratory during spring break. The course focuses on using molecular biology techniques for genetic research.

Scientific Speakers Program

INBRE supports a seminar series throughout the academic year.