The University of Maine at Fort Kent

The University of Maine at Fort KentThe University of Maine at Fort Kent (UMFK) is a small liberal-arts-based university, with an enrollment of 1,300, offering baccalaureate and associate degrees. Located in the crown of Maine on the Canadian border, UMFK’s curriculum emphasizes the special challenges of rural communities, and fosters an appreciation for all ethnic and racial heritages. Founded as the Madawaska Training School in 1878, today UMFK strives to be Maine’s premier rural public university, focused on the needs of rural communities, educating students to become responsible citizens committed to environmental stewardship through experiential learning.

UMFK offers degrees in Biology, Nursing, Zoology, and Environmental Sciences. Through a combination of course work, laboratory experiences, research, and fieldwork, students develop an understanding of the methods used to observe, develop insights, and create theories.

INBRE is providing enhanced laboratory training opportunities to UMFK students, as well as enrichment activities to increase their expertise in molecular biology.

Summer Research Fellowships

The INBRE Summer Research Fellowships Program pairs individual students with a federally-funded biomedical researcher of the student’s choice for a 10-week hands-on summer research experience. Funding is provided for lodging, food, and supplies.

Summer Research Fellowships are awarded annually to students to work with a faculty member at an INBRE network institution.

Laboratory Training Course at the MDI Biological Laboratory

Each year, UMFK students have the opportunity to participate in a two-week laboratory course at the MDI Biological Laboratory during spring break. The course focuses on using molecular biology techniques for genetic research.

Scientific Speakers Program and Enrichment Activities

INBRE supports a seminar series throughout the academic year. In addition, enrichment activities, such as visit to major research laboratories are planned during the academic year. Students have the opportunity to participate in the annual Maine Biological and Medical Sciences Symposium.