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The Maine INBRE Bioinformatics Core facilitates data management and analysis for comparative functional genomics research by providing:

  • Bioinformatics training and mentoring opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and faculty
  • Bioinformatics consulting
  • Access to sequence analysis software
  • Access to computational and data storage resources

A major focus of the Core is to provide research training and support educational programs in bioinformatics. We offer multiple training courses through regional collaborative efforts, including Applied Bioinformatics and Reproducible and FAIR Bioinformatics Analysis of Omics Data, and offer periodic bioinformatics workshops.

NIH/NIGMS Cloud Learning Modules. This repository aims to teach students, researchers, and clinicians, among others, how to utilize the power of cloud technology for the benefit of life sciences applications and research. Types of data used across the modules include but are not limited to genomics, methylomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and medical imaging data across formats such as FASTA/FASTQ, SAM, BAM, CSV, PNG, and DICOM. Learning modules range in areas from introductory material to single-omics approaches, multi-omics techniques, single cell analysis, metagenomics, and AI/ML imaging applications.

In addition to these formal trainings, The Bioinformatics Scholars Program provides focused, individualized mentoring to advanced undergraduate students at Maine INBRE partner institutions.

The Core also supports communication networks for INBRE institutions to facilitate multi-center research and resource sharing and the confidential exchange of data.

Core staff are active members of the NorthEast Bioinformatics Collaborative (NEBC) that is part of the NorthEast Cyberinfrastructure Consortium (NECC), a regional effort to facilitate cyber-enabled collaborative research among the Northeast Regional IDeA States: Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The NEBC has developed and provided over 30 bioinformatics training courses and workshops and published 3 collaborative articles since 2010.

The NEBC has worked collaboratively to characterize the genome of the little skate, Leucoraja erinacea, in the Skate Genome Project.

Please contact one of the Core Co-Directors Joel Graber, PhD or Benjamin King, PhD to learn more about Core services and training opportunities.