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Institutional Development Awards (IDeA) in Maine

Biomedical Research and Training grants are funded by the IDeA program at the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. These programs foster the development, coordination and sharing of research resources, and expertise that will expand research opportunities and increase the number of competitive investigators in IDeA-eligible states.


COBRE for the Study of Pain and Sensory Function at the University of New England
The Center’s mission is to significantly contribute to the scientific understanding of the neurobiology of chronic pain, facilitating the discovery and development of novel therapies.
Principal Investigator: Ian Meng, Ph.D.

COBRE in Mesenchymal and Neural Regulation of Metabolic Networks at the Maine Medical Center Research Institute
The Center’s intent is to build a strong research center focused on the diseases of metabolism, including obesity, diabetes, and osteoporosis.
Principal Investigator: Lucy Liaw, Ph.D.

COBRE in Acute Care Research and Rural Disparities at the Maine Medical Center Research Institute
The Center will conduct clinical research aimed at reducing rural health disparities in acute care settings.
Principal Investigator: Doug Sawyer, M.D., Ph.D.

The Northern New England Clinical & Translational Research (NNE-CTR) Network at the Maine Medical Center Research Institute and the University of Vermont
The network was established to augment infrastructure and expertise needed for clinical and translational research, and to support innovative studies that will ultimately improve health outcomes in our region. Maine Medical Center Research Institute and the University of Vermont are joined by partners, collaborators and affiliated Institutions to leverage and coordinate regional resources to conduct collaborative research and disseminate the findings.
Principal Investigators: Clifford Rosen, Ph.D. & Gary Stein, Ph.D.

MDI Biological Laboratory

COBRE Center for Regenerative Biology and Medicine at the MDI Biological Laboratory
The goal of the Center is to develop therapies that will improve healing and regeneration in humans and slow the degenerative changes that occur with aging.
Principal Investigator: Iain Drummond, Ph.D.