Undergraduate Research Fellowships

The Research Experience

The INBRE Summer Research Fellowship program provides undergraduate students with a mentored hands-on biomedical research experience at one of the participating network institutions. Students work in the laboratory of an investigator on an independent project designed by the student and their mentor. Students can develop laboratory techniques in molecular biology, physiology, and bioinformatics. Projects focus on a research question in functional genomics and use a variety of comparative models such as such as zebrafish, fruit flies, axolotl, and C. elegans.

The summer research experience culminates in a student symposium at the MDI Biological Laboratory where students present their research results to peers and faculty from around the state.


Maine INBRE mentors conduct research in a variety of areas, including molecular toxicology, bioinformatics, genetics, and neuroscience. Interested students should read the research summaries and identify three mentors whose research matches their own scientific interests and career goals. Students may select any mentors on the list, irrespective of their home institution.

Requirements and Prerequisites

Undergraduate students must attend a Maine college or university, and they must have completed one semester of college-level biology. Chemistry is strongly recommended but not required. Graduating seniors are not eligible to apply unless their graduation date occurs after the summer fellowship.

Review and Selection

A faculty committee comprised of members of each Maine INBRE institution reviews applications. Each application is read and scored by three reviewers. Final decisions are made by the committee, and students are notified by email approximately one month after the application deadline. The Maine INBRE Research Training Directors make final student-mentor assignments. Final award notifications will be made by March or April.


The INBRE Summer Research Fellowship includes room and board, weekly fellowship compensation, and research supply funds for the mentor.


Applications are submitted online. Please direct questions to Jane Disney, Ph.D., Research Training Director, MDI Biological Laboratory, 207-288-9880 ext 125.