Discovery of a new gene in fish co-authored by students at three INBRE schools

INBRE project leader Dr. Tim Breton at the University of Maine Farmington recently published a paper in the journal Scientific Reports that provides results from his studies which have uncovered a new gene in fish that may have application in human disease research. 

Co-authors include UMF students who worked with Breton on campus and student mentees from two other Maine INBRE partner schools: 
     William Sampson, Anyssa Phaneuf, Tamera True, Andrew Wilcox, UMaine Farmington
     Ben Clifford, Southern Maine Community College
     Ilze Smidt, Bates College

Read more about this research finding on the UMF site

Read full article at Characterization of the G protein-coupled receptor family SREB across fish evolution.

UMF students Andrew Wilcox (left) and Anyssa Phaneuf (right) conduct an analysis by computer in the Ricker Hall 220 laboratory, which was renovated with INBRE support in 2016.