Maine Students Receive Top Awards at NERIC

Two undergraduate students in the lab of INBRE project leader Dr. Jennifer Honeycutt received top honors for their Lighting Talks given at the Northeast Regional IDeA Conference (NERIC) in August.

1st place – Emma Noel, Honeycutt Lab, Bowdoin College, ‘23
Translational Research Lightning Talk – Undergraduate Student
Characterizing the Effect of Early Life Adversity on Sex-specific DNA Methylation Patterns over Development
The translational awards were based on the potential impact of the work (ability to address an important unmet medical need) and the probability that this impact will be realized (scientific rigor and ability to persuade and inspire).

Bowdoin undergraduate student Emma Noel (right) in the Honeycutt lab.


2nd place – Sydney Bonauto, Honeycutt Lab, Bowdoin College ‘23
Lightning Talk – Undergraduate Student
Exploring the impact of sex, age, and early life adversity on responses to ultrasonic vocalization playback

Bowdoin science student Sydney Bonauto


In addition, an Honorable Mention in the Graduate Student category was awarded to Megan Tomasch, a University of Maine Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering (GSBSE) student working in the Straub lab at the University of New England studying the neurological basis of chronic pain.