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Martin Kruse, Ph.D., Bates College
Regulation of neuronal excitability by phosphoinositide metabolism

Larry Feinstein, Ph.D., University of Maine at Presque Isle
Utilizing temporal and biogeographical comparative functional genomics to inform screening for novel antimicrobial targets

Julie Millard, Ph.D., Colby College
Genomic Variation in the Equilibrative nucleoside transporter ENT1 in relationship to the human absorption of caffeine

Timothy Breton, Ph.D., University of Maine at Farmington
The effects of phoenixin-14 on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis and spawning in green-spotted pufferDichotomyctere nigroviridis

Andrew Kennedy, Ph.D., Bates College
Epigenetic mechanisms of memory formation and maintenance

Donald Dearborn, Ph.D., Bates College
Genomic Diversity of the Vertebrate Immune System: the Neglected Half of the MHC Class II Heterodimer

Ron Peck, Ph.D., Colby College
Using halophilic Archaea as model systems to explore responses to environmental stressors

Tariq Ahmad, Ph.D., Colby College
Effect of expression of human mutant CHMP2B, an ESCRT-III component involved in frontotemporal dementia, on circadian rhythms in Drosophila

Travis Gould, Ph.D., Bates College
Investigating the Nanoscale Organization of Chromatin by Super-Resolution STED Microscopy

Con Sullivan, Ph.D., The University of Maine
A role for the Tnfaip8 gene family in tumorigenesis

Larissa Williams, Ph.D., Bates College
Role of nuclear factor, erythroid 2 (Nfe2) in the oxidative stress response during development

Melissa Maginnis, Ph.D., University of Maine
Functional Genomic Dissection of Viral and Cellular Factors that Regulate JC Polyomavirus Infection

Anne McBride, Ph.D., Bowdoin College
RNA-binding proteins and hyphal mRNA transport in the pathogenic fungus Candida albicans

Exploration of two different compensatory strategies for recovery from injury in the cricket CNS
Hadley Horch, Ph.D., Bowdoin College

Deciphering Helicobacter pylori’s glycocode: uncovering & harnessing drug targets
Danielle Dube, Ph.D., Bowdoin College

Synthesis of O-Mannosylated Oligosaccharides
Jennifer Koviach-Cote, Ph.D., Bates College

DNA Barcoding to Identify Medical Cannabis Chemotype
Jean Doty, Ph.D., University of Maine at Farmington

Measurement of cannabis/terpenoid profiles of medicinal cannabis chemotypes
Martin Morocco, Ph.D., University of Maine at Farmington

Defining macrophage-nerve dependent signals in the regulation of limb regeneration
James Godwin, Ph.D., The Jackson Laboratory/MDI Biological Laboratory

Genome-scale analysis of neuronal heterogeneity
Jason Castro, Ph.D., Bates College

The evolution of the ChitinaseA gene in bacteria associated with Epizootic Shell Disease in the American Lobster
Brian Tarbox, M.S., Southern Maine Community College

Host-phage interactions and the discovery of biological novelty
Gerald Zegers, Ph.D., University of Maine at Machias

Regulation of genomic function by prenatal choline availability to confer protection against behavioral and neural outcomes in rat models of depression
Investigator: Melissa Glenn, Ph.D., Colby College
Mentors: Andrea Tilden, Ph.D., Colby College & Elissa Chesler, Ph.D., The Jackson Laboratory

Genomic Analysis and Comparative Transcriptomics of Growth Pathways and Cancer Susceptibility Genes in the Soft-shell Clam Mya arenaria
Investigator: Shallee Page, Ph.D., University of Maine at Machias
Mentors: Rebecca Van Beneden, Ph.D., University of Maine & Charles Walker, Ph.D., University of New Hampshire

Functional Analysis of a Genomic Regulatory Region in Tooth Development
Investigator: William Jackman, Ph.D., Bowdoin College
Mentors: Jim Coffman, Ph.D., MDI Biological Laboratory & Michael A. Palopoli, Ph.D., Bowdoin College

DNA Repair Events Associated with Carbamoylating Anticancer Agents
Investigator: Kevin Rice, Ph.D., Colby College
Mentors: Julie T. Millard, Ph.D., Colby College & Brent Berwin, Ph.D., Dartmouth Medical School

Translational Regulation in Diverse Bacterial Species
Investigator: Paula Jean Schlax, Ph.D., Bates College
Mentor: Calvin Vary, Ph.D., Maine Medical Center Research Institute

Genomic Interrogation and Perturbation of Natural Fungal-Host Cell Surface Dynamics
Investigator: Robert T. Wheeler, Ph.D., The University of Maine
Mentors: Joseph Heitman, MD, Ph.D., Duke University Medical Center & Carol Kim, Ph.D., University of Maine

Other projects:

Interchromosomal Gene Regulation in Drosophila melanogaster
Investigator: Jack Bateman, Ph.D., Bowdoin College

Genetic Dissection of MicroRNA Function During Heart Regeneration
Investigator: Voot Yin, Ph.D., MDI Biological Laboratory

Transcriptional Regulation of H2O2-dependent Somatosensory Axon Regeneration
Investigator: Sandra Rieger, Ph.D., MDI Biological Laboratory