Instrument Exchange Agreement

Upon initiation of a transfer, an Instrument Exchange Notification must be submitted to the lead institution.

In addition, all transfers must comply with these guidelines:


  1. Donor institutions will provide equipment clean and operational, without warranty.
  2. Donor institutions will record equipment tag, serial number, or other identifying feature prior to loan or donation.
  3. No equipment or instruments used in BSL2 or higher laboratories can enter the equipment exchange.
  4. Equipment used with P-listed (EPA acutely hazardous) chemicals will not be donated or loaned.
  5. Donor institutions will provide basic training, safety instructions and condition reports for all equipment within the exchange.
  6. If there is any indication that instruments or equipment have been used with radioactive isotopes, the radiation safety officer from the donor institution will provide written certification that the equipment has been swiped and tested and is clean and free of isotopic contamination.
  7. Donor institutions are held harmless for any injury or damage caused by the use of the equipment.


  1. By February 1 of each year, the donee institution must complete and return an equipment use renewal and agreement form documenting location, users, condition, and INBRE use.
  2. Instruments loaned or donated carry no warranty; upkeep and repair of equipment is the responsibility of the donee institution.
  3. Instruments or equipment must be returned when a 60-day return request is made by the donor institution.
  4. Shipping of instruments or equipment is the responsibility of the donee institution.
  5. In cases of loss or gross negligence, the donee institution may bear financial responsibility for equipment.

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