Sharing Core Equipment Enables New Research

INBRE Project Leader Dr. Timothy Breton and three undergraduate students from the University of Maine at Farmington visited the MDI Biological Laboratory in November to use the cryostat room to conduct in situ hybridization experiments.

This was the first time that the University of Maine at Farmington has ever attempted such an experiment, and it would not have been possible without INBRE and MDIBL’s support and equipment.” – Timothy Breton, Ph.D., INBRE Project Leader and assistant professor at the University of Maine at Farmington
MDI Biological Laboratory faculty members Drs. Aric Rogers and James Godwin (COBRE Project Leader) provided technical support and facilitated the use of the equipment to support Dr. Breton’s INBRE research project.

Dr. Breton noted that the experiments, which were designed to identify spatial patterns of gene expression, were successful and his lab plans on including results in an upcoming manuscript in 2021. 

All three students pictured above – at left, Will Sampson (senior); in center, Andrew Wilcox (senior); and back left, Anyssa Phaneuf (junior) – currently have plans to continue their science educations in graduate programs.