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The Research Training & Resources Core:

  • Oversees student research training and the mentoring of undergraduate students from the partner and outreach undergraduate institutions. DNA Sequencing, Gene Expression Analysis, Biological Imaging, and Animal Support Services, as well as high-level training in each of these areas, is provided by the Core for faculty and student researchers.
  • Administers research training programs for students and faculty in coordination with managing several unique support programs to facilitate state-wide sharing of instrumentation and Core services, and coordinates communication among scientific core directors in Maine to share best core management practices.
  • Provides access to essential core facilities and research resources, including equipment and technical expertise, for researchers within the ME-INBRE network and other IDeA programs in Maine and the northeast Region. The Core also facilitates access to research resources among IDeA programs in the Northeast Region.

Student Training Programs

Undergraduate students from partner and outreach institutions participate in two highly successful programs – intensive research Short Courses and mentored Undergraduate Research Fellowships. Graduate students participate in research programs and receive support to travel to scientific events to share research findings.

Shared Core Facilities and Services

Maine INBRE scientists, faculty, and students are allowed access to core facilities and services at IDeA  institutions in Maine through a collaborative agreement. This resource offers details and specific contact information for each institution/facility in Maine that has shared services available.

Core Services Grants Program

This program provides grant awards to faculty from many Maine institutions to utilize core facilities across the Northeast IDeA Region and beyond to assist in their biomedical research. Faculty from Maine IDeA institutions (those with INBRE, COBRE, or CTR programs); independent, non-profit research institutions; or public and private undergraduate institutions are eligible to apply for funding.  Note: Scientists who are directly funded by a COBRE or CTR grant may not receive funding under this program. The program requires written justification for each project through a formal application process. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis; procedures and an application form are available in the Funding Opportunity Announcement.

Faculty Training

Training opportunities are provided to INBRE-funded Project Leaders and other biomedical researchers in Maine through our faculty training activities.

Instrument Exchange Program

This program allows Maine INBRE and COBRE institutions to donate or request equipment or instrumentation.

Citing NIGMS, IDeA, and INBRE Grant Support

Publications that include research that was supported by INBRE through direct funding or use of scientific Cores must acknowledge INBRE grant support.

Shared Seminars and Training Events

Maine INBRE and COBRE institutions share useful seminars, presentations, workshops, and other training programs among the Maine IDeA network. These events are made available in person and/or online and shared via our statewide email list of researchers. To be added to this email notification list, contact Kris Reaman, INBRE Program Administrator (gro.lbidmnull@namaerk).